Are You Focused on the Wrong Things?๐Ÿง

I hope your week was filled with progress and self-reflection and that you took some time to prioritize you. This week, I shared with you the power of meditation and how it helps us give our brains a much-needed break. I hope you had an opportunity to give meditation a try. If not, try again today. There’s also still time to sign up and join me for the free 21-Day Meditation Challenge with Oprah and Deepak Chopra.

In addition to giving our minds a rest, meditation also helps us train our brains to consciously shift our focus and gain better control over our thought patterns. If you want to live a happy and fulfilling life, you have to be laser focused on the right things. You can’t live a peaceful life if, in the back of your mind, you’re constantly focused on all the reasons why your life has to be so full of drama. You can’t make the kind of money you want to make if you’re constantly thinking that you’re not capable or “lucky enough” to earn money like those “other people.”

Your Thoughts...

Consciously focusing on the positive things you want to manifest in your life and genuinely believing that you can create this reality is the first step to changing your life. Write down what you want out of life and put it up somewhere you will see it every day. Share your dreams with the people around you who support you. Don’t be afraid to say out loud what you want and what you don’t want in your new life. When you feel the negative thoughts and doubts creep in, catch yourself and shift your focus right back to your dreams and immediately do one thing that will support that dream. If your dream is to save enough to travel more, go read an article by someone who found a way to travel on a limited budget, etc. Your negative thoughts lost their power the moment you chose to focus your attention elsewhere. Do not allow yourself to sit in a pity party of one any longer than you have to. You have the power to shift your focus and create new thought patterns.

In this week’s reading of You are a Badass, Jen Sincero discusses the importance of where we place our focus. A few notable quotes from Part 4:

What you choose to focus on becomes your reality.”

“Our entire experience on this planet is determined by how we choose to perceive our reality.”

“โ€ฆthe majority of the pain and suffering in our lives is caused by the unnecessary drama that we create.”

Our reality is based entirely on how we choose to perceive what has happened to us. It’s how one person can get into a car accident and drone on for months about how they’re the most unlucky person in the world and how another person is just so happy that they made it out alive and that it could have been worse.ย  Two people experience the exact same situation, but one person decided to focus on the positive aspects instead. After suffering 2 major car accidents and 3 concussions in 8 months, my coworkers were convinced I was cursed. I, on the other hand, was convinced I was incredibly lucky because I could have been killed or unable to function after the hell my body went through. I was just so happy to be alive. I chose to focus on the positive and I believe it’s why I’m able to lead the amazing life I have now. Negative people can’t find a thing in the world to be happy about. They drain your energy and they try to bring you down into the mental dumps with them even though they actually have a lot to be thankful for. Be the person that’s happy to be alive. Choosing to focus on the silver lining of every situation is a quick way to find more happiness. So ask yourself, what are you going to start choosing to focus on from here on out?

Shift Your Focus

Self Reflection: Are you a slave to your thoughts or a master of them? Have you already decided, on some level, that you can’t have or deserve the things you know your heart desires? Do you tend to focus on what’s wrong or what’s right in your life? Are you causing yourself unnecessary drama by allowing the negative thoughts in your head to ruin all of the good things right in front of you? How can you shift your focus for the better starting today?

I really hope this message resonated with you and that you start believing that a better life is ahead of you. I’m rooting for you! โค๏ธ

xoxo, gina

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