Bali Dreaming🏝

Even though I’ve been home for nearly 2 months, I still catch myself daydreaming about Bali and wishing I were there. Bali represents a very special part of my spiritual journey and holds a very dear place in my heart. It’s the place the universe called me to go with countless signs and confirmation. It’s where I finally felt liberated. It’s where I fully embraced surrendering to the universe and my path, wherever it may take me. The healing energy of this stunning place is palpable and its beauty is unparalleled. The purple & pink sunsets were so breathtaking, that I often questioned if what I was seeing was, in fact, real. Bali is where I found my peace, where I opened my heart and embraced unconditional love for myself and others, and where I made friends that I’ll love for a lifetime.

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Bali is unlike any place I’ve ever been. It has its own style, character and charm. The unique architectural style of the traditional Hindu villas drew me in and the beautiful way in which nature was incorporated throughout both residential and commercial spaces sealed the deal. Bali is beauty personified. I was captivated by all of the bright colors, beautiful plants and exotic beaches. From the black sand beaches of Echo Beach, Canggu, where surfers travel from all over the world to catch its epic waves, to the jungles and rice paddies of Ubud where you can run into a local shaman at a coffee shop, to the beautiful cliffs and majestic Hindu temple overlooking the ocean in Uluwatu, and the energetic vibe and atmosphere of Seminyak’s beach clubs, Bali has something for everyone. Spiritual healing, wellness and getting in touch with nature are emblematic of the Bali way. Yoga and wellness retreats are everywhere. In addition to the amazing Balinese cuisine you’ll find at local warungs, vegan and vegetarian restaurants are plentiful. It’s not strange to sit down for a cup of tea at a local cafe and overhear a conversation about chakras and healing ancestral wounds. This is a place where people come to love themselves, learn and grow spiritually. It didn’t take long before I realized exactly why the universe made it clear that I had to go to this beautiful place.

Bali is where I really pushed the bounds of my comfort zone and got in touch with my higher self.  I attended a workshop at Samadi Bali Yoga Retreat entitled from Scared to Sacred. Everyone in my class was looking to heal and release old wounds, thought patterns and limiting beliefs that were holding them back. It was so different from anything I’ve ever done before, yet it was so liberating to share my fears with a group of strangers without any anxiety or fear of judgment.

I ventured around the island aimlessly on foot and sometimes hopped on a stranger’s motorbike using Go Jek (their version of Uber w/ motorcycles). I took a Balinese cooking class at a private villa in a local village where I learned about Balinese culture, Hindu ceremonies and their use of herbs and spices for healing. I ventured out at 2am with a group of strangers to hike an active volcano in order to see the sunrise over Mt. Batur and pushed my physical and mental limits like never before.  I practiced vinyasa yoga with people from all over the world at Radiantly Alive‘s beautiful yoga studio surrounded by nature in Ubud. I tried my first sensory deprivation float at Ubud Float Garden and it was by far one of the most relaxing, reality-bending and deeply spiritual experiences ever. I sat on the beach and talked about life, yoga, meditation, and the need for higher consciousness with Russell Simmons. What’s wilder? I predicted it would happen. I was so connected and in tune with my intuition that the signs and messages were so clear. It was as if someone was standing beside me whispering in my ear exactly where to go and what to do. Wherever the voice told me to go, I went. Whatever it told me to do, I did. That is surrendering. No questioning, no fear, no worry, just do.

If you’re looking to get in touch with your inner divinity and spirituality, or to simply experience a deep level of relaxation and peace, this is a place you absolutely must go! This is a great place for a solo traveler who is looking to grow, do the inner work and get away from it all. Everything you need to heal is in Bali. This is where I felt I truly restored myself, and for that, I am eternally grateful. Bali will always have my heart. Bali is home. I can’t wait to explore other parts of this island in the future. ❣️

Stay tuned for future posts on where to stay and things to do! Is Bali on your bucket list yet? If not, it should be.

xoxo, gina

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