Winter in Barbados❄️

We booked a last minute trip to Barbados to escape the winter and it was everything I needed and more! The weather was perfect in February and the humidity was low. I knew I wanted to go to a Caribbean island but wasn’t sure which one to try next when the voice of one of my long-time Instagram friends urging me to “come to Barbados one day,” played in the back of my head and that’s exactly what we did! Best decision ever. She really ensured we had an authentic Bajan experience, and I am forever grateful to our host, Tracy for opening up her heart, friends and time for us “strangers” from the Internet. 💛

Barbados is a beautiful island with rich culture, amazing food, and a proud heritage.  As a former British colony, it is one of the most developed Caribbean islands with a very diverse population. I remember being stunned by the number of white people we saw on the island, which was in stark contrast to what I’ve experienced on other islands. There is a strong white Bajan (local term for a Barbadian person) population due to Irish immigrants brought to the island during colonization to help build the country’s infrastructure.

We decided to stay in Christchurch at a beautiful seaside adjacent Airbnb, which is a great location if you want to be close to the airport and things to do. We rented a car, which allowed us to explore a lot more of the island. Rental car prices were more expensive than I’m used to ($350 for 5 days) for very small cars! Since Barbados is a former British colony, they drive on the left side of the road and the steering is on the right. This took some getting used to and if you followed my Instagram stories during the trip, you know that within 3 minutes of leaving the airport *someone* ran up on the curb and busted our tire. 🤦🏾‍♀️A nice little story to kick off our Barbados adventure. LOL!


Our Kia looking commercial ready lol

Exploring Barbados by car was really cool. There were so many beautiful cliffs overlooking the ocean, white sandy beaches, farmland that would trick you into thinking you’re riding through Midwest America and city life. There is truly something for everyone there. There is no shortage of nice restaurants, shopping, hotels, and resorts in Barbados. Barbados has a very metropolitan feel, which I can’t say I’ve yet experienced on other islands. Beautiful properties line the west coast of the island, which is also known to have some of the best beaches and resorts. Currents in Barbados are notably strong so I wouldn’t suggest hopping in their waters if swimming isn’t your strong suit. Miami (Enterprise) Beach in Christchurch is one of the better beaches for swimming.

As I mentioned earlier, the food in Barbados was amazing! I loved the flavors, which was a fusion of African and Indian spices, with other cultural influences mixed in. The food is full of flavor and the portions are generous. A Barbados staple is heading to Oistins Fish Fry Jump Up, which is a famous outdoor food bazaar in Christchurch with local vendors frying & grilling up the fresh catch of the day and other goodies. Oistins on Fridays is extremely lively! You can expect lots of locals and tourists alike eating and enjoying live music and entertainment into the evening. Nearby you’ll see local men playing bones, cards and dishing out trash talk!

We LOVED the grilled Marlin and King Fish we tried at Oistins! Marlin is a very meaty white fish that looks like steak on the grill. The flavor is impeccable! Be prepared for more sides than you can handle. You will never leave Oistins hungry! 🐟

Two of our favorite food vendors in Oistins:

  • Pat’s Place: This is where I fell in love with Grilled Marlin.
  • Fred’s Bar: Try the fried Kingfish – AMAZING!


Smiling through a full belly at Oistin’s

If you’re brave enough to rent a car, I highly suggest you take the drive to the northernmost point on the island and visit Animal Flower Cave. We really liked this area because it was relaxing, quiet and not as busy as other parts of the island because the location is off the beaten path. The views from the cliffs here are exquisite and there’s a really nice restaurant where you can have lunch on the side of the cliff. This is a very romantic spot to enjoy a nice meal. Try the Roti dish if you go!

Other places I loved:

Nishi Sushi: Great sushi & seafood in a very upscale environment. Nishi has a really beautiful outdoor dining room with a jolly gold Buddha statue to help keep the positive vibes (& cocktails) flowing.

Fusion Rooftop: Fusion is a swanky rooftop bar and lounge that is perfect for both large and small groups.  A great place to vibe to good music after a nice meal. I really loved the aesthetic of this place. Whoever did the interior design here did a great job choosing the

Little Bristol Beach Bar: This is a really cute local outdoor beach bar with affordable prices and beautiful sunsets and a talented mixologist. Try the fish cakes on their appetizer menu! We liked it a lot because it was slightly away from the touristy area and had a really chill vibe.

La Cabane: La Cabane will not disappoint! This is an absolutely beautiful outdoor restaurant on the beach. The atmosphere and vibe at La Cabane is to die for. This is a place where you can eat, drink and chat with friends for hours. The food was amazing, but that’s pretty much the default in Barbados.

Nikki Beach: If you’re looking to hang out at an upscale beach bar & restaurant all day, look no further than Nikki Beach. Known for their Sunday Brunch and posh atmosphere, Nikki Beach has made a name for itself in countries all over the globe. Make no mistake, you’ll pay a pretty penny, but this is a place you go to TREAT YOSELF!

One of my favorite parts about traveling the globe is meeting new friends. Our last night in Barbados was spent with Tracy and her close friends at one of their homes, celebrating a birthday, eating home cooked food, drinking champagne and chatting it up all night like old friends. In Barbados, they call this ‘liming’. It was the perfect way to end an amazing trip. Tracy and I started as Internet “friends” and I left Barbados with another sister. When you travel, I really encourage you to open your heart and mind to meeting new people. Don’t listen to that “no new friends” nonsense. Give me all the new friends along this beautiful journey called life.

Have you been to Barbados? What did you think? If not, is it on your list yet?



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