Practicing Happiness😀

The Dope Bohemian


I took this photo in a little café in Dublin, Ireland in November 2016 because it really resonated with me and the journey I was embarking upon. For the majority of my life, I can honestly say that I wasn’t genuinely happy. I learned how to “perform happiness”, but I didn’t understand what it meant to be truly happy.

Growing up, no one teaches us how to be happy. We are taught to be well-behaved (well…most of us🤣), to go to school and get an education, get a good job, work hard, make money, and start a family. It was assumed that if we follow this generic blueprint that happiness will naturally result. Then you grow up and realize how much of a lie that actually was. Happiness is a learned skill and is unique to each individual. No generic blueprint & no amount of money will get you there…

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