Why I Meditate & Why You Should Too

The Dope Bohemian

Last week, I asked you to reflect on what fears may be getting in the way of your greatness. I hope you had the opportunity to reflect and get to the root of some of those fears. However, I knowĀ some of you may struggle toĀ identify the root of your issues because theyā€™re often buried quite deep under the constant noise in our heads. On Sunday,Ā I shared with you how I used meditationĀ to help me heal and grow after a profound loss. Ā Meditation was a much-needed break from all of the chatter in my mind at the time. It helpedĀ me focusĀ on the present moment and everything around me instead of worrying about everything else that was out of my control. Meditation is essentially a vacation for your mind. So, whenā€™s the last time you sentĀ your mind on vacation?

Our brains are wired to thinkĀ (ā€¦overthink šŸ¤Æ) and process information incessantlyā€¦

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