Assess: Who Are You & How Did You Get Here?

Last week, I urged you to take the first step to self-discovery: Going within.  Going within is a pivotal part of the journey to improving your relationship with yourself and understanding who you truly are. You have to spend time getting to know the real you in order to create a life in alignment with your highest self.

This week you’re being called to ASSESS who you are and how you got to this point in your life.

Do you know who really you are? Are you happy? What/who makes you happy? Do you love yourself? What issues from your past are you running from? Are you aware of your habits? How do you cope when things get rough? Do you tend to choose healing or self-destruction? 

In Section 2 of the Dope 2020 Alignment Guide: Assess I shared an introspection exercise to help you understand your Default Mental State (DMS)™️ . Your DMS is where your mind tends to wander when it’s on autopilot and you’re not focused on anything else.

Your DMS will reveal your DeMonS. They are the thoughts that keep you up at night and in a place of mental suffering.

It’s the voice that reminds you of how many mistakes you’ve made, how you’re not measuring up, how you screwed up on your diet again, how you’ll never make enough money, that you’ll never be truly loved, that you can’t trust anyone because they’ll hurt you just like the person who hurt you in the past

Does any of that sound familiar? Say hello to your demons! 👋🏽

Your demons are nothing to fear. Instead of drowning out the sound of that inner voice by keeping busy (avoidance), drugs, alcohol or other self-destructive choices, you could hear your demons out. Contrary to popular belief, your demons aren’t here to leave you in a place of perpetual suffering. They are here to teach you lessons about yourself and help you heal. By observing your demons and becoming familiar with them, you can come to terms with what happened in your life that caused these habits & thought patterns and begin the process of healing. 

If your inner demon is telling you that you’re not worthy of love and happiness, instead of feeding that self-loathing beast, you can choose to shift your thoughts to positive affirmations of your worthiness and lovability. When you catch yourself in a negative thought pattern, nothing says you have to stay there. Make the choice to stop mid-negative thought and consciously shift to positive thoughts about yourself. Do this as many times as you need to until self-love becomes the status quo! Slowly but surely you will create new default thought patterns by consciously choosing to speak love into yourself.

I encourage you to try the Exercise for Releasing Past Hurt in Section 3 of the Dope 2020 Alignment Guide to help you release yourself from past hurt and trauma. I did a similar healing exercise at a wellness retreat in Bali and the results were life-changing. There is SO MUCH power in saying out loud what you’ve suppressed for so long. I left that retreat feeling 10lbs lighter as the weight of my fears and my past was lifted from my soul. It was on this spiritual journey that I completely healed myself of my anxiety disorder and PTSD and came to terms with my father’s passing. I know the exact moment when my anxiety & PTSD left my body. That’s when I truly began to feel fearless & free… 

💡Remember: The only thing that brings true peace is forgiving yourself, loving yourself and facing the truth about yourself. You have to sit with that pain, learn from it and release it. As you address each area of your life that caused you to put on armor, you will start to feel lighter and less burdened by the pain of the past.

Make no mistake, facing your demons is work. It’s uncomfortable and often painful. However, this discomfort is temporary. Ask yourself what’s more painful than feeling perpetually stuck?

I wish you peace, love, and courage on your journey of self-discovery. I’ve been where you are and I’m here to tell you, face it head-on! Take a bulldozer to your problems and rebuild your life in alignment with your highest self. Life on the other side of healing is beautiful and bright!

Love and light…💛✨

xoxo, gina




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