5 Lessons I Learned From Traveling Solo – Lesson 3: Self Confidence

Once you navigate a new country solo, the things that used to cause us anxiety don’t seem nearly as scary. Having to rely solely on myself and thriving in a foreign country has given me a self-confidence that I didn’t think was possible. You get to know yourself on an intimate level and get comfortable spending time with yourself. I truly enjoy my own company & I really have fun by myself. Sometimes too much fun! 😂 When you’re comfortable with yourself your self-confidence naturally rises and as a result, you’re more comfortable around others. When I was in Dublin solo, I took myself out for a nice dinner and this older gentleman was so intrigued by my situation. Obviously, I don’t look like a local, and he was just amazed how comfortable I was in a different environment. We ended up chatting for over an hour and I found out he and his wife owned a winery in California not far from my job and he extended an open invitation for whenever I want to visit. Being comfortable in your own skin makes you interesting, and interesting people get noticed. 😎

Self-confidence has been invaluable to my professional success. I remember a time when I used to fear public speaking because I worried about making a mistake. Now I present in front of C-level leadership off-the-cuff with no fear. I am often the only minority and/or woman in a room full of executives and my confidence is unshakeable. When I speak, they listen. That’s power. I’ve been given the autonomy to manage my role as I see fit because I was able to demonstrate a level of mastery and confidence that I could handle it.

I used this newfound confidence to negotiate a compensation plan that is more than TWICE as much as what I was making at my last job. How many people in a corporate job can say they DOUBLED their income in one year? When you’re confident in your abilities, it’s easy to demand your worth…PLUS TAX. *sings Cardi B’s “Money”* 🤣 No more settling for the first offer on the table because you’re too scared to ask for more. If you don’t advocate for yourself who will?  The financial security I now enjoy is directly related to the confidence I had to advocate for myself and negotiate for everything I wanted and more. Don’t sell yourself short. Be confident in your abilities and accept nothing less than what you deserve.  You are #dope. Never forget it!Confidence

Tell me about a time you were able to use your confidence to get something you wanted. Or can you look back at a moment where you wished you had been more confident because you now feel like you sold yourself short? What can you do differently in the future?

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