When You Grow, Everybody Can’t Go…

Moving towards a life of true peace and happiness requires us to make some difficult decisions. You’re going to have to make uncomfortable choices, which often include removing people you once cared deeply for from your life. You may have to fall back from friends you’ve known for years and even distance yourself from certain family members. I always ask my friends who are struggling in personal relationships to do an audit of the people in their life. When you’re around a person does your energy increase or do you feel it draining? Does this person bring out the best in you or the worst in you? Energy cannot be faked, manipulated or ignored. It’s the purest assessment of how someone or something fits within our lives.

Sometimes you have to love people from a distance while you’re working towards your goals or trying to protect your peace. It may mean you have to face the harsh reality that the person you’ve committed to isn’t the right person. It may be that it’s time to leave a job you once loved or that your once close friend’s presence now drains you because of the negative energy they carry around. Growing spiritually is often isolating as you purge your life of outdated energies and beliefs. However, this time of isolation is necessary as you step into your true essence. Once you emerge as your true self, your tribe will reveal themselves to you. The universe will begin putting new people on your path in the most incredible ways to help you on your journey. Be open to new possibilities!

your elevation

In the past, I had to make the tough decision to move on after being in a long-term relationship more than once, but it was absolutely the right thing to do. I couldn’t ignore the energy that the union was no longer right for me. I tried to suppress those feelings and ignore my soul’s urges. I made excuses and lied to myself that things would change. However, there comes a point when the lies you tell yourself are not enough. Having the courage to make this difficult decision changed the entire trajectory of my life. I finally started to feel free. The things I dreamed of seemed to magically start falling into place. Once I pushed past fear and did the uncomfortable thing of letting go, I cleared a path to receive what the universe had in store for me.

We get so comfortable with the familiar that we accept subpar situations because we are fearful of the unknown, fearful of being alone, fearful of what others may think, or we’re simply fearful of change. However, having the wrong people in your life can truly hold you back from experiencing the life you were destined to live. These are tough decisions and there may be blowback, but your journey is about you and doing what’s best for you at all times.

Our intuition and energy never lie. If you know in your gut that a person is no longer good for you, you have to let them go. No hard feelings or ill will. You are simply no longer in alignment. Life is about change and constant evolution. Some people were only put on our paths for temporary reasons, but we try to make them permanent fixtures out of fear. Much of our struggling in life is rooted in our fear of letting go of situations, people, and habits that we know no longer serve us. Failing to surround ourselves with the right people can be the difference between failure and success…happiness and despair.

Exercise: Assess your current circle. Do the people around you inspire you? Do they encourage you to be the best version of yourself? Do they motivate you to grow? If not, what are you doing and why? Reaching your destiny depends on you being surrounded by the very best people who not only reflect who you want to be, but where you’d like to go! If you have to distance yourself from someone, it may be that you simply need time apart to grow and work on yourselves individually. These separations are not always permanent, but they are always necessary.

Your growth may make those around you uncomfortable, grow anyway. ๐Ÿ’›

Love and light…

xoxo, gina



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