Unlocking Your Limitless Potential

Hello beautiful souls! I’ve been reading more during this downtime, especially books that arm me with knowledge of how to be a better version of myself. I was extremely excited when I received my copy of Limitless by Jim Kwik last week. I had the pleasure of listening to Jim Kwik at Mindvalley Live in February before coronavirus turned our world upside and I was super excited when he told us this book was on the horizon!

As I embarked on my spiritual journey, one of my main goals was to unlock my limitless potential. I wanted to push the boundaries of life, my intellect, my expectations, my physical capabilities, and move forward fearlessly in this next chapter of life. I wanted to stop holding back! I spent the majority of my life crippled with anxiety, PTSD, fear of failure, people-pleasing, and the need to appear “perfect” and I was ready to turn everything I knew on its head! As a result, the past few years have been incredible. I’ve pushed past so many fears, traveled the world, reached my lofty professional goals, and exceeded my financial goals. None of this would be possible if I didn’t upgrade my mindset of what is possible.

Reading Limitless inspired me to record this video “Living Life Limitlessly” to share with you some of the major keys of unlocking your life with a limitless mindset! I hope you feel inspired to push past your blocks and boundaries and reimagine what is possible for you! It’s time to stop living life on the sidelines and get in the ring to fight for an incredible life!

Please let me know if this video resonated with you in the comments and share with anyone who needs it!

Sending all the love & light your way! ๐Ÿ’›

xoxo, gina

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