5 Lessons I Learned From Traveling Solo – Lesson 5: Being Comfortable Outside the Comfort Zone

Traveling alone pushed my boundaries. You’re alone, far away from home and often don’t speak the local language. Yet, somehow you find your way. You make friends. You try new things. You make it home alive (very important 🤣). Once you make it a practice to confront your fears, you build the strength to handle anything life throws your way. You are training yourself to take more risks because you learned that the world isn’t nearly as scary as you thought. By traveling solo, I have grown and learned so much about myself. By constantly pushing myself into the discomfort zone, I have conditioned my mind to push past (often irrational) doubts and fears so that I can reach my highest potential. Now, I genuinely believe I can accomplish anything I’m willing to work for and there is SUPREME POWER in simply believing in yourself on that level.

comfort zone quote

Being comfortable in the discomfort zone helped me to take a leap of faith to leave my job at a prominent company, where I was already on the leadership track.  It didn’t make sense to many people at the time, but that decision has changed my life in so many amazing ways! I’m more financially stable than I’ve ever been and I have complete autonomy over my career. I’m in a situation where I not only feel comfortable leaving for a month, but my boss is 100% supportive of my journey and pushed me to take the leap! Having a support system like this is so rare in Corporate America and I never take it for granted.

Tomorrow morning, I’ll be starting my 27-hour journey (whew Lord! 😭) to the Asian South Pacific where I will spend a month of solo travel through Thailand, Bali, and Australia. I’m nervous, excited, but more importantly, I’m open. I felt like the universe was calling me to do this, so I took the plunge and booked the flight so I wouldn’t be able to talk myself out of it. I’m leaving everyone & everything I know & love to go somewhere I’ve never been and do things I’ve never done. I’m looking forward to exciting experiences, life-changing growth, and self-discovery. I can’t wait to share my journey with you! More importantly, I hope I inspire you to go and do the crazy thing that’s been pulling at you. You have one shot at this life. Live it unapologetically and with absolutely no regrets. You have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain!

Wish me luck! It’s going to be a helluva journey. 😆

xoxo, gina

So… tell me, when are you booking your solo adventure? If you’ve already ventured into the world alone, tell me your favorite solo travel destinations below!

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