Homemade Sun-Dried Tomato Paste

Hi beautiful souls! If anything good has come from this whole quarantine situation is all the cooking I’ve been able to do. Having a break from constantly traveling for work and pleasure has left me with a lot of free time to nest and focus on the comforts of home! I’ve spent my time doing home organization projects, gardening, purging, cooking, baking &  delving deeper into my spirituality. I’ve really enjoyed all of this creative energy I’ve been able to release in the kitchen. As a result, I have another recipe for you!

I think I already mentioned how much I love tomatoes. I could eat them for every meal in various ways! Sun-dried tomatoes are especially at the top of my list because they pack such a deep & sweet tomato punch! I had an extra bag of sun-dried tomatoes hanging around, but I wanted to do something different instead of just adding them to another pasta dish or salad. So I blended it up with some yummy ingredients and made sun-dried tomato paste!

Sun-dried tomato paste is a versatile ingredient packed with flavor.  You can simply toss it with some fresh pasta and sprinkle with parmesan & fresh basil! Voilà an instant meal you can prepare in minutes! Use it as a dip or spread for veggies or pita bread, or as a snack with cheese and crackers! The possibilities are endless!

The cool thing about this recipe is that you can really make it your own! Add in roasted red peppers for an even richer sauce, add parmesan cheese and nuts if you want more of a pesto effect, add more spices. Make this paste suit your palate! I hope you enjoy it! 😉

Check out my video below on how I whipped up this instant favorite! 

What You’ll Need:

•Rehydrated sun-dried tomatoes

•Garlic cloves

•Extra virgin olive oil

•Salt + Pepper

•Crushed Red Pepper Flakes

•Dried parsley + Oregano 

Serving Suggestion (pictured): Serve with Crunchmaster crackers and sharp white cheddar cheese.

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