5 Lessons I Learned From Traveling Solo – Lesson 1: Patience

Flights get delayed, itinerary details can be miscommunicated or lost in translation, check-in times are often hours later than your arrival time. You can either let these things stress you out and put a damper on your trip or you can relax, be patient and go with the flow.

I used to be a person who needed to always be in control and have things go a certain way. I allowed the things outside of my control to stress me out. Stressing out over things you cannot control is a waste of your time and energy. We’re always rushing through life. Find peace in the fact that everything unfolds exactly how it’s supposed to and be OK with standing still for a moment.


When we (me & bae) were in Portugal we noticed that the waiters never brought you the bill for your food until you specifically requested it. We learned it was because they truly valued mealtime and don’t believe in rushing the moment. People sit and talk and laugh and eat and drink until their heart is content. How many meals have you eaten standing, or in the car, or you ate it so fast that you don’t remember the taste? We asked ourselves, why are we so pressed to rush the moment of sharing a meal? Our culture has conditioned us to rush through life, but we don’t have to keep moving through the world like this. Practicing patience allows us to appreciate life as it happens without causing ourselves unnecessary stress. (I’m presently experiencing a flight delay as I write this…lol I see you testing me universe!😆)

Over the course of this upcoming week (and forever), try being intentional about the present moment and slow down. Savor each experience big or small. Practice patience and ask yourself if there’s actually a reason to be rushing? When you’re rushing you’re automatically putting yourself in a state of stress. If you’re always running late and then rushing to your destination, leave a little earlier so you can enjoy the experience of getting there. ❤️

Walking down the streets of Alfama, Portugal, the oldest area in the city.  Just going with the flow.😎

5 Replies to “5 Lessons I Learned From Traveling Solo – Lesson 1: Patience”

  1. I thought I would become this calm patient person naturally as I got older – man, you have to work at it – Lots of deep breathing… Keeping my heart rate down is a daily practice, especially if I’m traveling by air, as it seems I’ve developed a slight fear of flying. I will continue to enjoy viewing pics from your trips, loved the pic with the Burj Al Arab, and reading your blog – My travel anxiety rests in your hands.

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    1. Thank you and meditation definitely helped with my anxiety! You can do it. There is nothing to fear. I appreciate all of your support! ❤️


  2. Ladopevie,
    Individuals in my inner circle know, “I Love to travel,” mostly in group setting. In 2019 my personal goal is to venture out on a solo trip, focusing only on myself. Leaving all other worries behind, unleashing my inner peace that will allow more joy to flow through my universe. Negativity will no longer have a place in my life, 2019 is my new beginning

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