Leaning Into Your Fears

Hello Beautiful Souls! This morning after hitting the trails with my dog and riding a few miles on my bicycle, I was reminded of the beauty of leaning into our fears. For much of my life, like most people, I spent a lot of time avoiding my fears. I dealt with sometimes crippling anxiety, and fear ruled much of my life. I exerted as much control as possible to keep my fears at bay and keep me “safe”.  However, as I’ve learned on this spiritual journey, fear is a teacher, not something you should build your life around. More importantly, no matter how much we try to run from those fears, they always find a way to manifest themselves at the worst possible time. They can damage our relationships, our self confidence and even our livelihoods.

Fear is suffocating, restrictive, and blocks you from the beauty of an expansive life. I’ve spent the last few years pushing past my fears and doing things I would have never dreamed of doing in my old life. What I was gifted with was an absolutely liberating way of moving through the world. Anxiety is a thing of the past and I’m constantly pushing the edges of my boundaries. Guess what? Your boundaries are limitless! I’ve visited 6 continents solo and fear never entered the equation. I’ve made wonderful memories, met incredible people and experienced once in a lifetime adventures all because I decided to look fear squarely in the eyes and push her to the side.

Imagine moving through the world completely at ease with who you are and whatever comes your way. Imagine how much more beautiful life would feel. I’m here to tell you, that no matter where you are right now, that a fearless life is available to you the moment you decide you want to live a different way.

Check out my latest reflections on Youtube on how to lean into your fears and how it can help you grow! I hope this resonates with you in some way and inspires you to go beyond what you once believed was possible for you!

Please be sure to subscribe to my Youtube channel, where I will continue to post new wellness, recipe content, and more… Thank you for your continued support. Cheers to a more fearless you! 💛✨

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