The Dope Fall/Winter Self-Care Guide

Happy Vata season, friends! If you’re wondering what the heck Vata season means, it’s a term used in Ayurvedic medicine (the ancient sister science to yoga) to describe the time of late fall and early winter and is characterized by drier, windier, colder and rougher conditions.

If you find yourself struggling to get going this season, you’re not alone. The shorter days can often make us feel sluggish, anxious and mildly depressed. That’s why I’ve been working really hard to create the Fall/Winter Self-Care guide for you guys!

An imbalance of vata can manifest as insomnia, dry skin, anxiety and racing thoughts.

In thisย guide, I share all the holistic tips and tricks that I’ve learned to master your energy and make the most of this slower season for your mind, body & soul!

Click here to download your very own copy and share it with a friend!ย 

Cheers to emerging as a better version of yourself this spring! ๐ŸŒป

xoxo, gina


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