7 Subtle Shifts to Level Up Your Life

Let’s face it, change is tough. Just when we get comfortable with the way things are, the universe decides to shake things up to point us in a different direction.

Growing spiritually is difficult for this very reason. It’s a continuous cycle of letting go, accepting what is and embracing the unknown. Leveling up requires us to LET GO and go with the flow. We have to abandon our ideas of how life is “supposed to” unfold and accept how life is unfolding at this moment.

If you fear change, you will find yourself in a constant battle of holding on to what was at the expense of what will be. This is when we suffer because we are standing still in a place we no longer belong. However, you don’t have to remain stuck. You can train yourself to be more comfortable with change and growth by incorporating these seven simple shifts into your daily life.

1. Keep your word to yourself and others. Make a pledge that you will do & show up for whatever you’ve committed to no matter what for the next two weeks. If you’re usually the friend who flakes and doesn’t show up, do not allow yourself to make excuses to get out of your commitments. This will help you be more intentional with your words and cultivate a sense of commitment that lasts a lifetime. Make sure your word has value. Do you actually mean what you say? Can people trust you to do what you say? Can you trust YOU?
2. Make subtle changes to yield bigger changes down the road.ย If you’ve been slacking on your fitness and decided you want to lead an active lifestyle now, instead of going from 0 to 100, try starting with small easily attainable goals. For your first week, commit to going to the gym once per week. After you’ve nailed that down for 2 weeks, add an additional day to your regimen until you’ve hit your desired # of workout days. Creating manageable goals you can easily hit will increase your confidence and discipline to achieve bigger goals in the future.
3. If you think of it now, do it now. Procrastination is our worst enemy and probably one of the hardest bad habits to break. Even though waiting until the last minute brings about unreasonable stress, the inner masochist in us keeps repeating this vicious cycle. Often the biggest hurdle is simply taking the step needed to start. Thus, if you think of doing something, get started at that moment. If you know you need to write for your blog, open your laptop. If you need to take out the garbage, get up and do it the moment you think about it. No matter how small the task, get in the habit of taking action the moment it comes to mind. This is how you break the negative procrastination feedback loop!
4. Frame positive life changes from a place of love. Shift how you frame the things you need to do to improve your life. How you frame your actions/choices will determine the energy you bring to it and your overall success. Instead of dreading that you need to eat healthily & go to the gym, turn your thoughts to love and gratitude (e.g. I am so grateful I am physically able to exercise and take care of my body. I am eating well & working out because I love myself and want my body to be healthy.)

  • It’s always good to remember that there are people praying to be able to do many of the things we are dreading. The next time you complain about going to the gym, remind yourself that there’s someone in a hospital ward dreaming of getting out of their bed and being active. Be grateful for the opportunity to make positive changes to improve your life and don’t waste this chance you’ve been given.

5. Go with the flow without complaint. When a situation doesn’t work out as you planned, instead of falling into the never-ending pit of complaints, allow yourself to simply embrace what is. Relinquish your need to control & accept that what happened was by design and in your best interest. When you catch yourself complaining with friends or coworkers, acknowledge what you are doing and stop. Every time you feel a complaint form, stop yourself. Complaining achieves nothing, but it’s a great way to bring yourself down with negative energy by focusing on what’s “wrong” and ignoring all that is right. Adapt to the ebbs and flows of life instead of trying to control them.
6. Be compassionate with yourself when you stumble. The journey to being a better version of you will be full of tests, many of which you may very well fail the first time (or two or three). Instead of beating yourself up about your missteps, be compassionate with yourself. This doesn’t mean you deny your poor choices. Instead, acknowledge your pitfalls, focus on the things you did right, and learn from what you did wrong. Each “failure” is a life lesson in disguise. Use this as an opportunity to learn about yourself so that you can grow into the best version of yourself by shedding those habits and choices that no longer fit with who you’re trying to be.
7. Create systems for you to win.

Make it as easy as possible for you to stick to your daily goals. For instance:

โ—‹ If your goal is to eat healthy food, avoid buying anything that doesn’t align with your health journey; don’t allow unhealthy options in the house or in your snack drawer at work. Instead, keep your home and office stocked with easily accessible healthy foods that will nourish your body without an ounce of guilt. You don’t have to rely on willpower when you eliminate the temptation altogether. (I personally don’t keep sweet foods in my house because I know that’s my weakness. Instead, I treat myself to ice cream once a week.)

โ—‹ If your goal is to work out more, keep a packed gym bag in the car at all times or set out your gym clothes by your bed each day. Reduce the excuses by taking actionable steps to eliminate them in advance.

โ—‹ If your goal is to journal each night before bed, keep a journal & pen on your bed or nightstand.

โ—‹ Set reminders for anything you desire to implement on a consistent basis. If your goal is to get in bed earlier, set an alarm to kick off your bedtime routine and stick to it. Turn off the tv, put away your phone and settle in for your evening to prime yourself for a good night’s sleep every night.ย  Automate your routine as much as possible to make it easier for you to stay on track!

โ—‹ Create visible reminders of your goals. Put a sticky note on the fridge to remind yourself that you are choosing to eat healthy because you love yourself and want to be well. Place a positive affirmation on your bathroom mirror of what you WILL achieve each day. Remind yourself of who you’re trying to be and where you’re trying to go by placing visual reinforcements in as many places as you need.

While change and growth can be uncomfortable, it’s necessary. You don’t have to change in monumental ways each day. When consistent, subtle shifts in your mentality and behavior can lead to massive changes in your life. You didn’t get yourself to this place overnight, so have the same patience with yourself when it comes to making longlasting positive changes in your life. Remember, the discomfort is temporary, but life on the other side of positive change is truly beautiful.

Love & Light on your journey to becoming a better you…๐Ÿ’›โœจ


xoxo, gina


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