๐ŸŽ† 2018 Reflections & Highlights ๐ŸŽ†

As I reflect on this past year, a whirlwind of thoughts and emotions come to mind. 2018 has been a truly transformative year! I experienced tremendous triumphs as well as personal struggles and loss. I traveled the world. I faced my fears and finally healed from the past. I made the decision to put my growth first and really focused on being intentional about the state of my mind, body, and soul. Yoga was without a doubt, a major catalyst for my personal growth this year. One of the biggest things I realized is that every aspect of our being (mind + body + soul) must be cared for in order for us to experience genuine peace and happiness. You can’t work hard, exercise and eat right, but not nurture your soul and heal the emotional wounds lingering under the surface. No amount of money or material success can substitute for loving yourself unconditionally and living in peace.

I learned that in order to truly experience happiness, you have to tear your walls down. You have to risk being hurt. You have to love without conditions and become detached from the outcome. You have to face the truth about yourself and what you’ve experienced. Most importantly, you have to learn the lessons the universe is pushing you to learn.

This year, I challenged myself to be more vulnerable and instead of being judged, I was embraced. I was more open about my struggles and by doing so I found the opportunities & communities I needed to heal. I helped others heal. I made the decision to follow my intuition (the universe/God) wherever it may lead, and boy did this choice take me on an incredible journey! I answered the call to start my blog and build a community. I stepped outside of my comfort zone and embarked upon on a month-long solo spiritual journey that could only be described as magical and life-changing. I met new friends from around the world and I’ve blossomed into a more beautiful and whole version of myself. This year I felt like a butterfly finally emerging from her cocoon. ๐Ÿฆ‹

Life gets so much easier the moment you decide to trust and surrender instead of fighting and resisting. Moving through life is like swimming in a current. If you fight the water and resist, you’ll tire yourself out until you eventually drown. But if you surrender, and allow yourself to float with the current, you’ll eventually end up exactly where you’re supposed to be. The universe is the ocean, and surrendering is your faith in the Divine’s plan for your life.

We spend so much of our lives fighting our destiny because we believe we “should” be doing something else or believe we know better even though our intuition has been telling us which way to go all along. Stop fighting and trust. Be open to change. Go with the flow of the universe and put in the work to create the life your soul desires. Life isn’t about competing with or impressing others. Your path is unique to you and we all have special gifts to share with the world. Be grateful for where you are right now and be excited for wherever your path may lead you.

Cheers to an amazing 2019 ahead! I wish you a year of growth, healing, and abundance in every aspect of your life. I look forward to witnessing your growth and sharing my journey with you. Happy New Year!

Have you set your intentions for 2019? If so, let me know in the comments! What are you looking forward to most?

xoxo, gina

My 2018 Highlights…

โ€ข Started my yoga and meditation practice
โ€ข Visited 11 countries: Belize, France, The Netherlands, Portugal, England, Aruba, Canada, Japan, Thailand (3 regions), Indonesia (Bali), and Australia
โ€ข Launched this blog
โ€ข Released my anxieties and faced my fears
โ€ข Started a book club & sisterhood
โ€ข I traveled abroad solo for a month
โ€ข Sat on the beach and chatted with Russell Simmons about life, yoga and the power of meditation
โ€ข Grew spiritually & loved myself unconditionally
โ€ข Challenged myself to climb an active volcano (Mt. Batur) in the middle of the night so that I could watch the sunrise
โ€ข Got up close & personal with tigers, monkeys, and quokkas abroad

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Some of my favorite pictures from my journey




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  1. Thank you for sharing your journey and creating communities. Cheers to a blessed and prosperous 2019!

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